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We all saw it last night — DeSean Jackson provided what could’ve been one of the most boneheaded plays of all time when he started his touchdown celebration before he crossed the goal line after receiving a beautiful bomb from Donovan McNabb. When it initially occurred, the play was ruled a touchdown. After further review, the Eagles retained the ball, which was spotted at the 1-yard line.

Luckily for Jackson, Brian Westbrook punched the ball into the end zone on the next play, erasing the mistake — or at least reducing the severity of it. Of course, you can expect Jackson will be reliving the play at practice this week, complete with the ribbing all rookies take. I wonder if he’ll celebrate by dropping the ball again.

Over at the 700 Level, they take a look at another DeSean Jackson celebration that cost him a score. Obviously, Jackson needed a reminder of the lesson he already learned. To quote Chandler Jarrell:

“Brilliance is, the best brilliance is brilliance born not from someone ignorant.”

At least the dunce cap move didn’t cost the Eagles the game; one that could go down as one of the most enjoyable Monday Night Football games in recent memory — as long as you aren’t a fan of stout defensive performances.