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DeAngelo Hall

When Andre Johnson busts your team’s ass to the tune of 12 receptions for 158 yards and a massive game-tying touchdown while the Houston Texans were facing fourth and long, essentially, the deciding moment of the game, perhaps a “You know, he didn’t really do anything that looked spectacular” statement should be one of the farthest thing from your lips — unless your name is DeAngelo Hall, apparently.

Because that’s exactly what happened. After the Texans came all the way back to win, while being down 17 points in the second half, thanks, in large part to Andre Johnson’s production, DeAngelo Hall thought it would be smart to say he wasn’t impressed with the best receiver in the NFL. Furthermore, Hall compounded his sore loser response by saying he wasn’t impressed with Johnson, or his performance.

I guess Hall was too busy getting his ass busted by Kevin Walter (144 yards and a TD) to notice Johnson’s beast-mode performance; or he was lost in their commitment to zone coverage, all because the Redskins coaching staff had the fear of Arian Foster was coursing through veins. Either way, the Texans receiving group absolutely dominated the Redskins coverage, and for Hall “not to notice” means he’s either a really sore loser or, well, he’s just blind.

I think Raiders fans would agree with the latter assessment.

Anyway, here’s another look at Johnson’s “unimpressive” game-tying touchdown, just in case Hall needs to see how completely his fellow secondary members absolutely failed when it came to stopping the best receiver in the league:

Apparently, Hall was looking for hot dogs when that happened, because I’m not sure what else would explain his healthy dose of “haterade.”

Beast Johnson also offered this telling response, when informed of Hall’s bitterness:

…if he wanted to play me man-to-man, he should have told his coaches before the game. That’s not my problem. For them to be running zone coverages like that with the safety over the top, and for me to still have 12 catches for 158 yards, somebody wasn’t doing their job.”

Now that, friends, is how you get the definitive final word.