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Danario Alexander Fails


Quarterbacks throw.  Receivers catch.  This basic principle is the key to a good performance on the football field.  Unfortunately for the St Louis Rams, when the time came to make a play against the Seattle Seahawks in a game where the winner goes to the playoffs, Danario Alexander did not perform his most basic of tasks:  catching the football.  Did Alexander’s drop cost the Rams the game, and a chance to make the NFL Playoffs?  Well, it sure as hell didn’t help their cause, especially when you consider the 16-6 final score.

To his credit, Alexander was just as distraught as Rams fans were.

After the game, the maligned receiver offered these words:

“The ball was in the air and I just didn’t get my hands on it,” Alexander said. “There’s no excuse for it. I should have made the play, but it didn’t happen.”

And while it’s nice to see people take responsibility for their failures, the idea of the Rams drafting Georgia Bulldogs receiver A.J. Green just got a lot more enticing to Rams fans everywhere. Who knows? Maybe Alexander’s drop helped them in that cause.

Since we’re talking about it, it’s best that you take a look:

And that folks, is how you directly contribute to your team missing the Playoffs.