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I’ll give Terrell Owens this, he does know how to spin. I’m talking an Ari Fleischer level of miscommunication. But like they say, winning cures all ills — it’s either that, or it allows you to use a member of the media as a scapegoat.

Regardless of who said what or who instigated last week’s fun, the truth is, after beating the New York Giants last night, the Cowboys, at 9-5, are right in the thick of the NFC Wild Card. Apparently, those “team meetings” worked as well, seeing how nine different Cowboys caught a pass last night.

For those keeping score at home, Owens had three catches for thirty-eight yards and in the post-game interview, he was more worried about Jerry Jones housemate, Ed Werder than he was complaining about only catching three balls. Is this Owens’ idea of burying the hatchet? Doing it in the media’s head so people “forget” about last week’s Dallas drama?