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After the Redskins came into Texas Stadium and smacked the Cowboys in the face, not everyone who sports a star on their helmet was too happy with the loss. Take Terrell Owens for instance. He was incensed the Cowboys didn’t use their battering ram in Marion Barber more, he let everyone know about it in the post-game press conference.

If by “incensed the Cowboys didn’t use their battering ram in Marion Barber more” means Owens wasn’t happy with how many times he got the ball.

Did anyone bother to tell him there were about 20 plays that went his way yesterday — almost a third of the offense — while Barber only carried the ball eight times? Meanwhile, rookie stud Felix Jones ran the ball a whopping zero times. In fact, as a team, the Cowboys only ran the ball 11 times and two of those were Owens end-arounds. Not only did Romo pass him the ball frequently, he also ran the ball as Dallas made every effort to use him as a weapon.

Meanwhile, Dallas completely abandoned their superior running game after Washington took the lead. This allowed even more passes to be thrown TO’s way and yet he still complains about his lack of involvement.

Where’s the outcry for Barber and Jones, TO? Are you not upset your team ignored two of their more valuable weapons when faced with a little adversity? Or does any of that matter as long as the ball comes your way? Is Owens a “look good losing” type of guy or does he value wins more? At this moment, it’s really hard to say.