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First off, I know it’s not called a “Jumbotron,” but the it fits for title purposes. Moving on: The Dallas Cowboys new stadium is a testament to the “Everything is Bigger in Texas” motto. In fact, the stadium puts the saying into action with its massive high definition video monitor. However, besides being on the cutting edge for high-def monitors, the digital overhang is also serves another, previously-undisclosed purpose — an obstacle for punters to avoid. By now, you’ve probably heard about the Dallas/Tennessee preseason game that saw the Titans punter hit the high-def monstrosity, if not, watch the video. Naturally, whenever something blame-worthy happens in Dallas, now that Terrell Owens is gone, the blame falls directly on Jerry Jones.

Apparently, not everyone appreciates Jones’ cowboy ways, and that extends to multimedia displays, especially when they interfere with the game. For his part, Jones has no desire to move the monstrous video screen, and considering the NFL’s ruling on the stadium, it’s hard to blame him. The question is, were the Titans actually trying to hit the most talked about video monitor, maybe ever? Wade Phillips thinks so:

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said after the game he thought the Titans were trying to hit the video boards — certainly during warmups and probably during the game. He essentially said to let them keep trying because it might throw them out of whack. On Saturday, he reiterated the team’s stance that “it isn’t a factor” when a team aims a punt toward a sideline, like most teams do.

The NFL’s rules state these kinds of overhangs need to be 85 feet above the playing field. Dallas’ monitor currently sits at 90. With that in mind, besides overseeing the design of the thing, where else is Jerry Jones in the wrong?

As of now, the NFL’s Competition Committee is on the case, but considering the previous ruling, are they going to issue a special set of rules concerning Dallas’ monitor or are they simply going to raise the minimum required height from 85 feet to something higher?