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While everybody and their mother is ripping on ESPN’s “Follow the Cosbys” segment — rightfully so, I might add — what about Quan Cosby? He had to endure the reality of not being drafted like he was some kind of sideshow, all because he shares a last name with an entertainer who is evidently trying to remain relevant in the eyes of the sports world.

Sorry, ESPN, but that was excruciatingly mundane. Perhaps next time, you’ll align yourself with somebody who might actually get drafted — you know, the whole reason for your existence this past weekend?

As for Cosby (the younger), he was signed by the Cincinnati Bengals as a free agent. I suppose some would consider that to be adding insult to irrelevance, but hey, at least the Bengals showed signs of acting like a professional football organization during the draft.

Their performance was a great deal better than ESPN’s following of all things Cosby.