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Bikini Girls

Apparently, the cold weather is damaging the brains of the Green Bay Packers bikini girls, who have indicated they would be happy to pose for Maxim as long as they don’t have to get completely naked.

Well thanks for nothing.

Actually, while Maxim may use some provocative poses, the models are either covered and/or are hiding their most intimate of private parts:

The girls, Jen and Ashley and their cousin Liz who are all students at UWM, are considering their offer, but they’ve stated that they won’t wear less than the homemade gold bikinis with Packers logos on them.

Apparently, the trio is also thinking of marketing their claim to fame (the bikini tops) although, I wonder if the NFL will let them use any logos.  For some reason, now that the Super Bowl participants have been decided, whenever I see them mentioned, I’m struck by the thought of a clock, ticking down to zero.

14:59, 14:58, 14:57, 14:56… you get the picture.