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Colts coach Jim Caldwell said he doesn’t regret a late timeout that gave the Jets the advantage in the AFC Wildcard Game, but I’m pretty sure Peyton Manning does.

Manning looked like he was about to pull his hair out (what little he has left) when Caldwell called a timeout as the Jets tried to overcome a two point deficit with just 29 seconds remaining. It gave the Jets the chance they needed to get close enough for a 32-yard field goal, which Nick Folk made easily.

But games aren’t won or lost on one play or decision alone, and the lame timeout call didn’t do in the Colts by itself. The challenge that the Colts threw in the first five minutes of the game certainly didn’t help as it was a dumb thing to challenge and they ended up losing it anyways. Loss of timeout and a challenge and all in the first few minutes of the game. Kind of made you know what was going to happen with the rest of the game, didn’t it?

Colts also failed to capitalize on a late second quarter interception.

And then… Vinatieri… the sure shot….the one you can count on to win games for you….makes a 50-yard field goal which he hasn’t done since 2008. It all looked great for the Colts, except the fact that there were 53 seconds left for the Jets to respond. Especially with two timeouts. That was the Colts next mistake. Of course, the Jets didn’t need both timeouts because the Colts helped them out with that, too.

This was an ugly win, which makes you wonder how the Jets will manage to beat the Patriots next week. Bill Belichick said, “We’re full speed ahead now in our preparations for the Jets.”

I’m sure he is. And I hope it doesn’t involve illegal video taping. The Jets and Patriots each won one this season, although the Pats definitely have the most convincing win with their 45-3, December 6th victory. I don’t think the Jets can’t beat them a second time, but they have certainly surprised me this year, so I’ll wait and see.