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Clay Matthews has had a really good year, but it just got a little better. He was named “defensive player of the year” by the Sporting News. Matthews is only in his second year, but he comes from a long line of NFL players. His dad, uncle, and grandfather were all in the NFL. Oh, and I hear he has a younger brother who might make his way into the league in a couple years, too.

Matthews had 13-and-a-half sacks in the regular season. He also had two forced fumbles, and an interception. And what did he do with that interception? He took it back for a touchdown. You betcha. Matthews is pretty much the perfect player, except that he needs to cut his hair. There is something about a big tough guy kicking ass on the field and taking his helmet off to fluff his hair that just seems wrong.

Speaking of hair, Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamulu finished second in voting to Matthews. Take that, Steelers fans!

Pats quarterback Tom Brady was named the offensive player of the year, and Michael Vick got the comeback honor. (I’m sure Tucker Carlson will be thrilled.)