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Apparently, Chris Johnson is quite serious about rushing for 2500 yards this season, and if the Titans played the Oakland Raiders every week, he’d probably get it. After posting 142 yards and two touchdowns yesterday, one of his scores coming off a 76-yard scamper which again showcased his “getting away from the cops speed,” it’s pretty clear Johnson isn’t just blowing hot air.

He really believes 2500 yards is attainable, and after watching him and his breath-taking speed carve defenses up again and again, maybe Johnson is on to something. Of course, in order to do so, he’s going to need to rush for 2358 yards over the next 15 games, which would require a 157.2 yards per game average.

Normally, this is something most NFL followers would laugh at; but then again, how many running backs are as physically gifted as Johnson, especially in the speed (and apparently, durability) department?