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If Outkast has Andre’ 3000, there’s nothing wrong with the Tennessee Titans having a Chris Johnson 2006. Considering his record-breaking season, not to mention becoming only the sixth NFL player to break the 2000-yard barrier, you might want to call him “MVP.” Sure, the Peyton Mannings and Brett Favres might have better teams, and therefore, better records, but did either of those two have a better season than Johnson? We’ve already seen what the Indianapolis Colts look like without Manning — two straight losses — but imagine just how ineffective an 8-8 team would be without their best player.

It also helps to consider that Johnson is the only legitimately consistent offensive threat on the Titans. Not only did he lead his team the league in rushing, he’s also the leading pass-catcher. While his teammate Nate Washington has been serviceable, he’s certainly no Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark or Sidney Rice.

In fact, a quick glance at the receiving statistics for the Colts shows Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon all had better seasons than any of their Titans counterparts.

While some of our Bleacher Report counterparts thinks it’s a foregone conclusion, it will be hard for a player on a non-playoff 8-8 team to take hardware from NFL dignitaries like Favre and Manning, regardless of how gaudy his season was.