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Chris Henry

The charges from the arrest that resulted in Chris Henry and the Cincinnati Bengals parting ways have been dropped, meaning the receiver essentially got cut for nothing. But don’t blame the Bengals. Anyone with this kind of record deserves to be removed from the team. However, the ruling — which came on the heels of a hung jury — must be bittersweet for Henry.

One one hand, he’s not going to get into (anymore) trouble for the non-incident that took place outside of local restaurant; however, because of his arrest that night, he was released by the Bengals and hit with another suspension from NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell. Henry’s current suspension is of the indefinite mode, meaning Goodell can take his own sweet time in restoring Henry’s playing status, provided he ever does.

With Henry getting off, some of the ESPN comment denizens began speculating where the troubled receiver may end up and one of the most popular selections was/is the Dallas Cowboys. Would Jerry Jones continue his “Misguided NFL Players Rehab” program for Henry? Considering the Cowboys issues at receivers position (with everyone not named Terrell Owens) and the “troubled NFL players” halfway house he’s set up, it’s easy to envision Jones taking a chance on the ex-Bengal, especially if the Terry Glenn situation doesn’t get resolved.

Of course, Goodell has to allow him back on the field before any of this occurs. Will the dropped charges help Henry’s cause?