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Bill Cowher

Now that the regular season is over in the NFL, the coaching merry-go-round began in earnest yesterday with Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini and Rod Marinelli being the first to go. While Detroit indicated they would be focusing on the New York Giants coaching staff, both the Browns and the Jets want Bill Cowher to be their new head coach, as well as fans of other non-playoff teams. Unfortunately for these franchises, Cowher wants to be more than just a coach: He wants personnel control complete with a general manager of his choosing.

Cowher has told friends the Jets job interested him for several reasons. First, Cowher would love to coach in the New York market. Second, two of his daughters are either going to school or working in the New York-New Jersey area.

Cowher does plan to coach in 2010. In 2009, though, he was only willing to return if every situation was right for him.

If Cowher’s looking for total control, Kansas City might want to make a play for him, seeing how they just lost their general manager and appear to have a lame duck coach. The Chiefs could offer Cowher something the Jets could or would not: control over the franchise. Of course, Detroit is looking for somebody with NFL acumen, so he could probably get his way there if he wanted, as well.

Unfortunately for fans of these teams, it looks like Cowher has bigger franchises to correct.