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Tom Brady

Now, this is in no way an attempt to make light of Tom Brady’s knee injury; however, if that thought didn’t enter the mind of every non-Patriots-fan fantasy football player after Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard hit Brady near his left knee while he was releasing a pass to Randy Moss.

The play was eerily similar to the one that tore Carson Palmer’s knee up a few years ago when Kimo Van Oelhoffen came crashing into Palmer lower leg after he released a pass to Chris Henry.

Indications are Brady will miss significant time as he’s scheduled to undergo an MRI later today. Rumor has it Brady tore his left ACL, at least. Considering how his leg buckled after he was hit, Brady could be entering the Daunte Culpepper injury zone when Culpepper damaged three of the four major knee ligaments. Culpepper, after trying to make a couple of comebacks, retired just last week.

The effect of Brady’s knee will be felt far and wide. The outlook on the Patriots season, which once looked Super Bowl bound, obviously changes — as does the predicted order of the AFC East. Will the New York B-R-E-T-T-S be able to capitalize on New England’s misfortune? Can the Patriots rebound and make something good happen out of their misfortune?

One thing’s for sure: The Matt Cassel era — one, where up until Brady’s injury, had only seen 22 completed passes in its time — has begun in earnest. I’m left wondering if the fantasy players who are actively dropping Brady from their roster will be picking up his back-up? I doubt there’s little choice in the deeper leagues.

The next question is was the play dirty? According to Randy Moss — who is obviously broke-up about losing his All World quarterback — it is. According to everyone else who saw the replay, it was not, including me. Pollard was making a hustle play with a New England offensive lineman running back on his back. It’s not like he could have hit Brady high if he wanted to.

Now, should he have gone in the way he did, even with the excess weight on his back? Yes. You play until the whistle is over and EVERY opposing defensive player in the league would jump at a chance to sack Tom Brady.