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Brokeback Bengals

Yesterday, Bengals.com had an article discussing the incoming-to-camp Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco Ochocinco and his feelings as he readied himself to rejoin his teammates. It was a normal “Chad” interview with gems like, “I need the fans to embrace me. I know people are mad at me. I read the message boards, but I’ve apologized 85 times.” Or is it “I’ve apologized ocho cinco times?” Anyway, the read was moving along about as expected, until, that is, Chad dropped this nice little quote:

“I know people are trying to say we’re mad at each other and all that, but we’re good,” he said. “We’re like Brokeback Mountain.

Well, then. Not sure what to say after that, but there it is for the world to see — although, yesterday’s discovery about Chad’s Twitter account should alleviate any doubts about who swings which way. I do wonder, however, if a better choice of comparisons could’ve been made.