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Have you ever wondered what a Zubaz pants-wearing (please, no comeback), ill-tempered cartoon character who lives next door to a food fight thinks about the Mike Vick situation and how it might affect some of his wagering decisions? Of course you have and that’s why we’re here: To provide you with this important information, because, you know, the news doesn’t write itself.

Anyway, Aqua Teen’s Carl delivers a message about Mike Vick everyone should hear. If nothing else, it’ll teach you to not make season-long bets on a team. You never know who’ll get injured or incarcerated for dog fighting. Of course, Carl’s delivery is much better than mine so I’ll shut-up and turn this forum over to everybody’s favorite next-door neighbor.

You know, on second thought, those Zubaz pants are pretty freaking hot. Maybe a comeback is in order. Hat-tip to WithLeather for pointing this out…