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T.J. Houshmandzadeh

The man of the amazing last name, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, looks like a big hit in Seattle. From signing the domes of Mohawk-ed fans to expectations of him leading a Hasselbeck/Seahawks passing game resurrection, while Housh may not be the biggest free agent signing — Haynesworth? Bart Scott? — he’s not far from the top. Further, he might be asked to do more than the other, “better” free agent players above him. Keep in mind just how visible the wide receiver position is; not to mention how much pub a good passing game, led by Matt Hasselbeck, will draw. Especially when he’s throwing to a player with Houshmandzadeh’s natural, made-for-the-camera personality.

Seattle fans already love him, if the lead image says anything at all.

The question is, can the man Seahawks fans have embraced as “Housh” be a number one receiver, after years of being Chad Johnson Insert OchoCinco Name Here’s number two? Even Houshmandzadeh’s former quarterback, while professing to Ed Werder he will indeed miss number 84, painted him as a possession receiver. However, considering the offense isn’t likely to change too drastically from Mike Holmgren’s previous scheme — concepts primarily — a possession receiver of Houshmandzadeh’s ability will only help.

Of course, returning to the same form that saw him tie Wes Welker for most receptions in the NFL two seasons wouldn’t hurt either — not taking into account Carson Palmer was hurt for most of T.J.’s last season in Cincinnati. I’m guessing that’s part of the reason why he boycotted Madden 10; that is, if a 91 player rating is something worth boycotting a video game over.

In other, more personal news, Houshmandzadeh’s signing as another meaning for me: It means I’m going to have to buy another Bengals jersey, or at least retire my current one, lest I unwittingly become of victim of a Straight Cash Homey blog post.