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Mr Rodgers Neighborhood

If you are a new quarterback standing in the larger-than-life shadows cast by a previous player, there are only a certain number of things you can do to make people forget about the shadow. In the case of Aaron Rodgers, it’s really pretty simple — if he wants to make folks forget about the past, all he has to do is win; just like last night against Adrian Peterson and the Vikings.

Last night, Rodgers played a pretty flawless game, going 18/22 for 178 yards and touchdown. He also rushed for 35 more yards and added a rushing touchdown, a score that was punctuated by Rodgers’ first Lambeau Leap. While Rodgers may not have reminded those watching of the gunslinger he replaced, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

There were no ill-timed interceptions or balls thrown up for grabs. Instead, Green Bay fans were treated to game management without any crucial mistakes, enough deep balls to keep the defenses honest and again, no crucial mistakes, something Packers fans have to welcome, regardless of their feelings for previous Green Bay quarterbacks — I’m looking at you, Dan Majkowski.

As you can see in the above image, the Packer faithful looks like they’ve adopted Rodgers as their own, although, I’m wondering when we are going to see the Packers bikini girls. Or was all their love for the now-Jets quarterback?