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Brett Favre and Steven Tyler

It didn’t take Vikings quarterback Brett Favre long to find new employment. I think Fox hired him to teach a new class. The class is called “How to be a creepy old dude who thinks chicks still want him 101″ and his best student is new American Idol Judge Steven Tyler. The class covers the obvious Favre specialties of sexting and leaving voice mails begging for love, but Tyler pushes for extra credit by making lewd comments to 16-year olds.

On the season premiere of American Idol Wednesday night fellow new judge J-Lo told a contestant she loved her skirt and Tyler followed up to the purest, most innocent girl in the history of North Carolina with “Just the right amount showing” in his dirty old man voice. Idol followed with a montage of Steven Tyler making inappropriate comments to 6 more teenage girls, Randy Jackson, Ryan Secrest, Clay Aiken, Paula Abdul, and Adam Lambert. (Maybe I made that last part up, but the montages Wednesday night gave me the same reaction as a microwave to my pacemaker. And he is still a creepy old man.)

*Let me clarify my point here. I’m not necessarily against dirty old men. I hope I live long enough to acquire that title myself. I’m just against dirty old men throwing their creepiness at underage girls.

Let’s hope Fox doesn’t graduate Steven Tyler and his band Aerosmith to the halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl. It could make Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction a distant memory.