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Brandon Marshall, wide receiver of the Miami Dolphins, was violently stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife by his wife during a domestic dispute. It’s clear now that Brandon Marshall is expected to make a full recovery. However, it’s even more clear that being stabbed in the stomach by your wife is cause for concern, alarm, even a little bit of sympathy. While details remain quite unclear, one thing is for certain – a man was reportedly in intensive care for a serious stab wound which required surgery.

When the report came over the airwaves, I was greeted with Adam Schefter’s effort, which left me speechless. Having read many articles on the subject that flood the internet when something this high-profile occurs, it was clear he wasn’t the only one who used this opportunity – not to express concern for another human being who had been stabbed in the stomach by a violent wife – but to bury Brandon Marshall before he was dead.

Fortunately for Brandon Marshall, he didn’t die, because my guess is these vultures would likely have continued down the path of denigrating a person who appears to be the victim of a very serious crime. It’s a very serious crime even if Brandon Marshall, in some ultra-creepy defense of his violent wife, chose to first attempt to cover it up and is likely to continue to “stand by” his woman.

Reports like Schefter’s happen every day. When a man is a victim, the masses look to find out what he did to deserve it. Reporters dig deep to find something in their past that might explain why it might have been necessary for a woman to deposit steel blade deep into his belly. Here is my summary of A-Dumb Shefter’s report on the news that Brandon Marshall had been stabbed by his wife:

He opened with an offensive quip about how the NFL Lockout prevents the Miami Dolphins organization from “getting in contact with Brandon Marshall” and added “…but that’s not the case for his wife.”

That’s not quite hysterical, Schefty.

Brandon Marshall is the victim of a stabbing and Adam Schefter continued…

The latest blemish on his resume’

One of the instigators of the fight that led to Darrent Williams shooting death in 2006.

Has a history of disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and alleged domestic violence.

Brandon Marshall has never had a hard time finding the endzone nor trouble.

These are primary reasons the Denver Broncos traded him to Miami for two 2nd-round picks.

The Broncos never fully trusted Marshall.

What trust Miami had in Marshall, who they gave a 5-year, $50-million deal has to be eroding.

That was it. Hate-fest on Brandon Marshall. No concern about his well-being. No condemnation of the perpetrator of the stabbing. Brandon Marshall is getting the hole in his belly surgically closed in the hospital, the hole his wife created with a knife, and this is what ESPN’s Adam Schefter presents as the report on the situation.

This is simply a microcosm of what’s wrong in our society today. Now, I know that Brandon Marshall’s past is littered with various indiscretions. Being a stabbing victim at the hands of his wife, to the best of our knowledge at this point, isn’t one of them. The reality is, if the genders were reversed, Brandon Marshall would still be getting buried. People like Adam Schefter wouldn’t dredge up the sordid past of the wife and trot that out in a report on the situation. Nope. There are countless examples of this in the mainstream media every day.

A woman in New York drives her van into a river and kills three of her children – news reports focus on what kind of monster the ex-husband must have been to “make her” do that. Reports come out about how she was such a wonderful mother who would do anything for her children. Sympathetic comments flood the article.  Think I’m joking?  Read here: Father Gets Criticized for New York Mother Killing Kids.

This problem is pervasive.  It’s offensive.  It’s flat-out wrong and people need to start stepping up and voicing their outrage.

Violent females always seem to have an excuse or a defense for their criminal behavior. If there is a man around to blame for her transgressions – the mainstream media will find him.  Even the imbalance in sentencing for like-crimes (serious ones) will show a disparity that results in leniency towards female criminals.

I take a chance talking about this issue and using a character like Brandon Marshall for a reason. When the talk about “victim-blaming” rears its ugly head, it’s usually because someone has been looking into the past of a female victim. In our “men as disposable” society – you won’t see any outcry over a male victim having his past dredged up in some thinly veiled attempt to blame him for being just that – a victim of a serious crime.

It’s clear from their hostile relationship that something far more bizarre between them exists than we could hope to truly understand. From Brandon Marshall claiming a fall on something caused the wound, to going back with her, and not being forthright in the investigation makes that much clear. But maybe Schefter could at least take a look at that situation and wonder for a fleeting moment – maybe the past “alleged incidents of domestic violence” were Brandon Marshall covering up for his lunatic wife.

Marshall’s wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, 26, was arrested Friday by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office on a domestic-violence charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Nogami-Marshall was released from jail on a $7,500 bond Saturday afternoon.

$7,500 BOND FOR STABBING HER HUSBAND! In what world is this appropriate?

Add to the NFL mess comes news that Denver Broncos linebacker, Jason Hunter, is in stable condition after being stabbed by a “female acquaintance.” I wonder what kind of dirt they’ll dig up on this poor bastard so that we can ignore the fact that another violent women has committed a violent crime.