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Favre 4

I was perusing YouTube, looking for amusing Brett Favre videos — ones that have been uploaded recently — and I stumbled upon a new use for the acronym “BFF,” which, as far as I know, normally stands for “Best Friends Forever.” The phrase (or whatever the hell you want to call it) is primarily used by English-language-destroying teenage girls who text incessantly; but thanks to YouTube commentators, I now realize there’s a new meaning for BFF, and considering the hold he has on the sports world right now, the meaning’s much more accurate:

Brett Favre Forever.

If there was ever a more appropriate, timely alteration of an annoying “catch-acronym,” I haven’t seen it. Speaking of YouTube videos about Favre, and head-shaking abbreviations aside, it was hard not enjoy Tedy Bruschi going the hell off on the Favre circus:

Despite Bruschi’s misgivings; shared by a large portion of the sports population, no doubt, it’s easy to see this time of year — the run-up between preseason and regular season football — clearly belongs to Brett Favre.