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The Super Bowl is coming, ya’ll! And while we anticipate the showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, we’re also reflecting back on past games. Which ones were the best? Which left the best memory in the mind of fans?

Super Bowl Trophy

Here is my list. Feel free to argue or agree.

Super Bowl XXIII
49ers vs Bengals
I used to call Joe Montana “Cool Hand Luke” because the guy was never rattled on the field. Reggie White in your face? Doesn’t matter. Down by a gazillion points? No problem.

Montana would come in and without so much as breaking a sweat lead a team to victory. In this game, his coolness would put the 49ers ahead of the Bengals late in the game to not only win, but become the first NFC team to win it all three times.

Super Bowl III
Jets vs Colts
Jets vs Colts is always a good matchup, but this game was great because of Joe Namath’s big mouth and the fact that no one thought the AFC could ever win the Super Bowl. Namath said there was no way that the Jets were losing, and they didn’t.

Now, it should be noted that he predicted the same thing about New England in the Packers/Pats matchup in Super Bowl XXXI (and he was very, very wrong that time) but for the third Super Bowl, his boldness was part of what made the game fun to watch.

Super Bowl I
Packers vs Chiefs
As the very first Super Bowl, and the first one that the Packers won (or should I say: dominated!) Super Bowl I is definitely on my list. Plus, three touchdowns in the second half to kick the Chiefs butts? That’s some good football. Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Jerry Kramer… you don’t get any better than that.

Super Bowl VIII
Steelers vs Cowboys
Call me a traditionalist, but this has to be one of the best games in history. The Steelers were going for the record of being the first team to win three Super Bowls. Things were close for a while, and even tied 14-14 at one point. Terry Bradshaw (who later won MVP honors) threw a TD pass to Rocky Bleier, and just having those two names in the mix should be enough to make this a classic. But then Dallas tried to comeback from a 35-17 deficit. They almost made it, but fell short in a 35-31 loss.

Super Bowl XLII
Pats vs Giants
Did anyone think the Giants would win this game? The Pats dominated the entire season, winning every single game. They were headed for history in an undefeated season. Aw, but there were a couple of things in their way: the Giants defense, and fate.

The Giants defense (and one really great scramble from Eli Manning) were the keys to victory in this matchup. As far as fate, well you know cheaters never prosper, right? I’m not sure things have been the same Belichick has been caught illegally videotaping teams. Fate caught up with him, and it made for one of the most memorable games in history.


Super Bowl XLIV
Saints vs Colts
Okay, I’ll add one more to my favorite Super Bowl game list, and that was last year’s matchup with the Saints and Colts. That onside kick at the start of the second quarter changed everything, and made this game one where you shout “What the….”

It looked like this was the Colts game to lose. It looked like business as usual and Peyton Manning (yawn….) will get another Super Bowl ring. And then suddenly, Manning was off his game. Manning was getting beat. Manning through an interception ala Brett Favre to seal the Saints victory.

Which Super Bowl game do you think was the best?