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After sticking by him through some dubious NFL-levied suspensions, the Bengals have released Odell Thurman. Of course, when you see a headline like this relating to the Bengals, you immediately think the player being punished or cut must have done something Bengal-like and got arrested or tried to start trouble with a valet attendant. Unfortunately for Thurman, it appears as if his transgression — something that occurred after he was reinstated by the NFL — was much, much worse.

Odell Thurman

Thurman apparently was attending a family funeral (and the subsequent activities that occur at these things) and didn’t make it back to take place in a voluntary workout scheduled by the Bengals. And so, they released Thurman.

Not for his DUI issues or the rumors of his involvement in a scuffle during his two-season vacation from the NFL. Nope. The Bengals front-office decided Thurman’s last straw was choosing family matters over voluntary workouts.

That Odell Thurman… didn’t he learn anything from Chris Henry’s mistakes?

I mean, choosing family over football? That’s EXACTLY the same as punching an 18-year old in the face and then breaking a windshield as you leave.

Apparently, I was wrong about the sticker on the back of the 51 jersey in the above picture. When I first received this, I thought it was aimed at Thurman. Obviously, this was aimed directly at the incompetence that permeates out of the Bengals front-office.