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Bengals Flasher

Mike Brown and company make it too easy on the rest of us. If you don’t want to your public image to suggest you foster a breeding ground for unruly players to thrive in, perhaps you should stay away from players who have legal baggage attached to them — regardless if you need tight ends or not. Meet Kolo Kapanui, one of two tight ends the Bengals brought into camp after injuries to Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht. Kapanui was recently released from the New Orleans Saints because he and another player got themselves into a legal predicament.

Apparently, Kapanui and Biren Ealy were arrested for, among other things, being public intoxication and lewd conduct, which consisted of Kapanui allegedly flashing an eye-witness.

In early May, Kolo Kapanui and receiver Biren Ealy allegedly were urinating in public. When told by a woman who witnessed the incident to cease and desist, Kapanui allegedly turned to the woman and made lewd comments while fondling himself.

Relatively harmless shenanigans to be sure — well, not life-defining mistakes, anyway — but when you are the Cincinnati Bengals, a team with a recent history of lawlessness in the locker room, perhaps you should steer clear of such situations. Granted, injuries make teams do desperate things, but then again, Daniel Wilcox is available, too, for example. Furthermore, Wilcox has actually been a productive member of the NFL when compared to Kapanui, who doesn’t have a single NFL stat to his name.

Of course, we are talking about the team who thinks it’s smart business to offer their top draft pick less than the player picked after him; so make of this signing what you will.