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Bengals Plane

By now, the various NFL training camps are opened, and in Georgetown, Kentucky, a group of fans are already in mid-season form. The punishment gluttons over at Who Dey Revolution paid a visit to the Bengals training camp, but instead of being starstruck fans, the WDR crew showed up on a mission. Judging by the pictures from their posts, it looks like the mission was a success.

Instead of blind idolatry or wishful thoughts about the upcoming season, the fellows at WDR rented one of those sign-towing planes that delivered messages of dissatisfaction with signs like “I can only see one scout from here” and the one in the lead image, which says “$458,000,00 to build PBS (Paul Brown Stadium) = 0 Playoff wins.” Oh, and the messages were seen by pretty much everyone who attended:

Once the plane showed up about 15 minutes into practice, you could hear the buzz of the engine, fans saying to each other, “Oh my god, look at that.” and audible laughter from all over the stands. The plane circled for almost an hour, and throughout the entire hour fans were looking up at the plane and taking pictures.

And they have pics of people watching the plane fly around.

All-in-all, I’m going to have to call WDR’s Georgetown appearance a “flying success,” bad pun, and all. As a fan, you have the right to demand a quality product, even if your demands include aviation advertising. Yes, not buying tickets helps, too, but unless you can get thousands of people to join you, your ticket money won’t be missed. Direct messages like this can’t hurt.