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Barry Sanders

We’ve discussed a number of various Super Bowl shenanigans people get into. Highlights include self-vasectomies, human toilets, or attractive females offering their company via an Internet auction. Now, one of the best offensive football players of the modern era — Barry Sanders — wants to get in on the action as well. And hey, since he never made it to the Super Bowl, perhaps offering himself as a guest is the next best thing.

Yes, you can bid on the opportunity, via eBay, to have Barry Sanders attend your Super Bowl shindig, if that’s your thing.

Unfortunately, you only have a few minutes to outbid the current leading amount, which stands at over $14,000. Benefits go to charity and all that good jazz, but I must say, it’s weird to see such a introverted individual do something so outgoing. Hell, you never know. Maybe he’ll be comfortable enough at your party to bust out some dance moves he never used during his all-to-brief career.

Update 2:
The winning bid for Sanders’ company? $17,000.

Barry Sanders

For 17 grand, I sure hope the greatness does indeed taste great.