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B.J. Raji and the rest of the Green Bay Packers are going to the Super Bowl, thanks, in large, large part to Raji’s interception/touchdown return, which, after avoiding a Leon Lett moment, also featured one of the best touchdown dances you’ll ever see. In fact, Raji’s play was the most crucial of the game, a contest that became a defensive struggle with neither offenses doing, well, much of anything.

On Chicago’s side, you had the Jay Cutler debacle — Memo to Maurice Jones-Drew: Don’t EVER miss another game in your career, ace. — which introduced Caleb Hanie to the rest of the world. On Green Bay’s side, after they moved the ball on their opening drive, it didn’t become a trend; and if they were moving the ball, the Packers couldn’t convert those yards into points.

Enter dancing machine B.J. Raji. After dropping back into zone coverage, Raji found the ball coming his way, and, well, the rest is dancing history.

Do a little dance, score some important points, get down tonight.

How important was Raji’s play? So much so, someone remixed it with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” song.

I’m not even joking, either:

Wait until the two minute mark.

Good times, especially if you’re a fan of Packers, or just modern dance moves.