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The NFL kicks off tonight, and the Denver Broncos could be on the verge of proving the old adage in the NFL: Talent wins out over everything. Just ask folks like Michael Vick and Leonard Little. Now, to a lesser extent, Brandon Marshall could be the next example of the unwritten Steve Howe rule. In case you missed it, it’s been a summer of discontent for Marshall. He’s seen a regime change for the Broncos, the quarterback that helped make him famous get traded out of town, he’s dealt with the judicial system because of a past relationship, and he’s asked for a new contract or to be traded.

Because the Broncos initially balked on redoing Marshall’s contract, it lead to his infamous training camp outburst, as documented in the lead video. Essentially, Marshall threw a well-documented temper tantrum, which earned him a suspension. Now, however, it appears as if the Broncos are going to be the first party to blink after reports they are prepared to offer Marshall the extension he so badly wanted.

According to ESPN and the NFL Network, the two parties have started contract negotiations; although, the Denver media indicates these reports are premature. For now.

Nevertheless, the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” rule seems to apply here. Leaks like this don’t “just happen,” and if the reports are indeed true, the moral here is if you are an extremely talented NFL player, your behavior, even if it’s detrimental to the team, is secondary. Granted, Marshall is a highly-talented wide receiver, but the message being sent here is act how you want to, as long as you can catch touchdown passes. If you are unhappy with your current financial situation, get mad and kick some footballs at training camp during drills. You might get suspended for acting out, but if you have any talent the team can leverage, all will be forgiven.