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I’m guessing the words of folks like Anthony Smith do not serve as the warning they were intended… either that or San Diego’s Igor Olshansky missed the memo. What follows is a video taken yesterday after the Colts/Chargers game had ended. In it, a reporter asks the defensive end his thoughts on the upcoming rematch with the undefeated New England Patriots in next Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

In true tough guy mentality, Olshansky answers the question honestly instead of thoughtfully:

So New England’s more worried about San Diego than San Diego is of New England? Igor, do you honestly think a team with a perfect record is actually “worried” about Chargers? While there’s little doubt the Patriots respect their opponents, I highly doubt the word, “worry” has anything to do with what they are feeling. However, I’m sure they are appreciative of the bulletin board material you gave them.

Memo to Igor: save the stuff for on the field, not in the press. Did you hear that? I think the Vegas bookies just increased the odds against San Diego winning. Do you have anymore nuggets of wisdom for us, Igor?

Hat-tip to YB and j00fek for the find.