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And this, folks, is the play that sent the Pittsburgh Steelers to the AFC Championship game. Granted, Rashard Mendenhall’s touchdown provided the actual go ahead score, but that’s not happening without Brown’s stick-em-on-the-helmet-like catch. As for the purists out there, where does Brown’s catch rank in relation to David Tyree’s miraculous catch against the New England Patriots (I still enjoy watching Rodney Harrison fail there)? In order for the playing field to be completely level, you’d have to take out the fact Tyree’s obviously occurred on an even bigger stage, and at an even more crucial moment.

While advancing to the Conference Finals is nice, winning the Super Bowl clearly trumps all.

How much does this win add to the legend of Ben Roethlisberger, one of the more polarizing players in the NFL, for obvious reasons? Love him or hate, he simply makes plays, and in the NFL — well, considering the Cam Newton situation, we should change “NFL” to “football in general” — that’s clearly all that matters.