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Andre Johnson

Some truths about Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson: He’s an absolute beast; perhaps the best receiver in the NFL; he has amazing hands; and they are connected to an awesome set of upper-arms, something the lead image indicates rather well. Another plus: While Johnson is asking for a new contract — rightfully so — he’s not holding out to do so.

Johnson is so good, if, as a non-Pro-Bowl-but-pretty-good-receiver, you aren’t salivating to play along side Johnson, you’re a fool. Being the number two for a receiver who demands so much attention means a lot of passes coming to your side of the field, as defenses adjust their schemes trying to stop Johnson.

A second receiver worth their salt could make an impressive living being John Taylor to Johnson’s Jerry Rice… Just as long as they understand Johnson will be the Rice in the relationship. He’s just that good.