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Apparently, Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini has decided on a starting quarterback after choosing between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. The problem is, Mangini is being coy about his choice and won’t reveal who is starting until their game against the Minnesota Vikings starts on Sunday. The idea is he wants the Vikings coaching staff to be unsure about who it is they are preparing for.

That’s all fine and good, seeing how one-upping your opponent is the goal; however, did it ever occur to Mangini that his strategy might work better if the two quarterbacks in question had fundamental differences? That is, one was more of a Michael Vick-style of quarterback compared to a pocket passer?

Unfortunately for Mangini’s approach, both Quinn and Anderson are similar players: Pocket passers who have zero inkling of doing anything but throwing the ball. It’s not like Brad Childress is going to have to change his defensive philosophy if Quinn starts over Anderson and vice-versa. The biggest difference between the Quinn and Anderson is arm strength. Now, this might impact how many deep passes the Browns want to throw, but besides that, both players prefer staying in the pocket, looking for an open receiver.

Considering that, it doesn’t look like the defensive schemes used by the Vikings will be drastically altered regardless of which Browns quarterback starts. Minnesota’s strength on defense comes from their defensive line. As long as they can apply pressure to whichever signal caller is under center, I think they’ll consider it a job well done. It’s highly doubtful the Vikings will have to drastically alter their defensive line scheme if Quinn or Anderson gets the nod.

For what it’s worth, PFT is reporting Quinn has been getting the majority of the first-team snaps in practice, giving us some indication as to where Mangini is leaning.