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Aaron Rodgers failed to get voted into the Pro Bowl this year, and while at this point he couldn’t have gone anyways (what with his first appearance in the Super Bowl and all), I contend that there are some good things about this “snub.”

It Helped Him Focus on Games and Winning

Last year at the beginning of the season Rodgers was asked what he wanted for the upcoming football year and he said he wanted to go to the Pro Bowl. He didn’t say: I want to win games for my team or I want the Packers to go all the way. Instead, he was focused on himself and his numbers.

You can’t blame the guy. We’ve all been focused on his numbers. He followed a legend and the natural tendency is to compare. The first year Rodgers started we heard about comparisons to Favre in almost every game. Each new announcing pair would weigh in, and we’d hear comparisons to his height, hand size, throwing motion, ability to read a defense, and lord knows what else.

The thing about stats, though, is that they don’t mean much. Big Ben had awful numbers in the game against the Jets, but he found a way to lead his team to victory. Wins are the most important stat.

It Helped Set a Realistic Tone

Don’t get me wrong, I think Rodgers is an outstanding player. But some of the “love in” comments he’s received are in direct proportion to the negativity left behind with Favre. People who hated Favre raised Rodgers to the level of “elite” before the kid had ever won a playoff game. Let’s get realistic, it takes more than a few seasons to make your mark in the NFL.

With Rodgers out of the Pro Bowl, it brought things down to earth again. Even his press conferences were full of less “me” and more “team.” This is a good thing, because while Rodgers is certainly one of the best QBs to come around, he still needs to accomplish a few things before those “elite” accolades will stick.

It’s About Teamwork Ya’ll!

There are players who stand out on every team. Rodgers is certainly one of them for the Packers. This Pro Bowl “snub” may have reminded him that in order to be an outstanding player, you have to be part of an outstanding team. After the last Green Bay playoff game against the Bears, Rodgers admitted that the defense helped carry the team. This was good to hear from this kid, because with a humble attitude he can just focus on playing and winning. He doesn’t need to beat Favre’s numbers, he doesn’t need to become an elite quarterback, he just needs to do what he does best and play. The Pro Bowl was important for Rodgers and he’ll likely get many more future nominations, but the “snub” may have helped him to be an even better player.