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Aaron Rodgers

In two games, Green Bay quarterback has been sacked 9.5 times by only two players: Cincinnati’s Antwan Odom sacked Rodgers five times in Week 2, and last night against the Minnesota Vikings, Jared Allen sacked Rodger 4.5 times, including one for a safety. In fact, the Vikings sacked Rodgers a total of eight times, meaning the Packers severely need to address their offensive line, or, at the very least, pay closer attention to what blocking schemes that aren’t working.

As you do a little more research, you find he’s been sacked a total of 20 times in 4 games.

Through it all, however, Rodgers has kept his passer rating over the 100-point mark. Imagine what that could be like if he didn’t spend half the game running from the Jared Allens of the world? When he has and/or makes time, Rodgers will unleash something like this:

Unfortunately for Packers fans, if your quarterback is getting sacked an average of five times a game, it means his time in the pocket is awfully limited. Perhaps on their next draft, the Packers front office won’t wait until the fourth round to address their pass protection issues.