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Rodgers and Favre

There’s a game of some significance on tonight as the Green Bay Packers travel to the Twin Cities to play the Minnesota Vikings, and in case you haven’t heard, you should be obsessed with who is playing quarterback for the Vikings and how that fact might effect the Packers, their fans, and the free world in general. I believe there’s some history between the Packers and their opposing quarterback. One player, however, who hasn’t noticed is Aaron Rodgers, who says:

“I didn’t watch the film of him. I just watched the Vikings’ defense.”

Take that, hype monsters of the world. Aaron Rodgers isn’t falling for your shenanigans and refuses to get caught up in any he-said/Favre-said. Besides, if you have to deal with Jared Allen bearing down on your knees for three straight hours, watching Brett Favre throw the ball is probably the least of your worries.