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Aaron Rodgers

To the victor goes the spoils, the rings, the trophies, the “Got Milk” ads, the “I’m going to Disney World” exclamations and, well, considering it’s the Super Bowl winner/MVP we’re talking about, I’m sure Rodgers can get just about anything he asks for, especially in Green Bay. While those perks are great and all, there’s also another item Rodgers received for his Super Bowl MVP efforts which might be worth more to him than the rest of that stuff: his championship belt.

At different times during the season, Rodgers put on his imaginary belt as a way of celebrating key plays and touchdowns. Clearly, Rodgers knew it was all leading up to the biggest stage in football, if not all of sports, and when the time came to collect the belt, Rodgers delivered in spades. In fact, his performance was so belt-worthy, Rodgers was presented with a real belt, courtesy of Dana White and Chuck Liddell. He then reminded the world the belt is his when he accepted the Lombardi Trophy from Roger Goodell:

Aaron Rodgers Belt

And that, folks, is where the belt will be residing until at least next February. Hell, who knows, but considering the upcoming labor strife facing the NFL, the belt might be with Rodgers a little bit longer than one might expect. Of course, that would mean the NFL’s labor situation is so bad, the impasse will continue throughout next season, costing the NFL the Super Bowl.

I could also grow wings and take flight, leaving this very chair behind and go soaring off into the wild blue yonder while people stared in awe. I’d say the chances of either happening is awfully thin, so much so, in fact, I have no doubt we’d see scab players before Roger Goodell allowed the world to miss a Super Bowl.

As for Rodgers, don’t be surprised if last night’s Super Bowl win is the beginning of a long stay atop the NFL’s mountain. The Packers certainly aren’t going away, especially when you consider their youth and all the talent they have.

All images courtesy of bubbaprog and his awesome 30FPS service.