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The Pro Bowl is on this weekend….. (chirping)……

Exactly. Who cares?

Despite nearly every person I talk to saying that they do not care about the Pro Bowl, the NFL said “12.3 million viewers” tuned in to watch. In fact, it was the most-watched Pro Bowl in ten years.

I can’t believe it. Were people watching the entire game? Was there really nothing else on? No Top Chef? No Murder, She Wrote?

Personally, I don’t really watch the Pro Bowl. Not watch it, like a regular game, type thing. I might tune in to see a play, shrug, and turn it off. I think the Pro Bowl is important as far as the popularity contest aspect. It’s nice to get riled up when a favorite player doesn’t make it in. It’s good recognition for those that do. But watch the actual game? No way. In fact, here are three things I think would gather more viewers than the Pro Bowl game.

Battle of the Network Stars Pro Bowl
Remember Battle of the Network Stars? People like Robert Conrad and Telly Salvalas would lead teams of network actors in tug of war, Simon Says, and obstacle courses. You could see which stars were athletic and which were wimpy. Howard Cosell hosted it, which made it even more fun to watch. Way more fun than the actual Pro Bowl.

So maybe we should take that concept up a notch. Network stars could battle with real football players, with the whole thing hosted by Joe Buck? I’d watch that.

Pro Bowl BBQ
Instead of watching my favorite NFL-er play in a faux game where he pretends to care and tackle, how about making him prepare a dish to pass? The entire Pro Bowl class of players can stand around, drink beer, and show what they made? The team captain gets to be the grill master. I’d so watch that.

The NFL Has Talent
If America’s Got Talent, you know the NFL must. So instead of risking injury to my favorite NFL guy, why not make him do a song and dance? Guys can gather in teams and decide on a talent to perform. It would be so much more fun to watch than the Super Bowl Shuffle.