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No, this is not channeling MC Hammer. Well, not too much, anyway… So what if it is? I blame the “Can’t Be Touched 2011″ gem of a remix that leads this post, canonizing Dirk Nowitzki with such an eloquent song, courtesy of that well-known bard, Roy Jones, Jr. It’s clearly Nowitzki’s world, all of the time; so much so, in fact, his play can take your song and make it fresher, and much more appropriate.

The inspiration of such accolades obviously comes from Nowitzki’s Game Four performance against the Oklahoma City Choker Thunder. After outplaying the Mavericks for about 44 minutes — the NBA is a 48-minute game — the Thunder worked themselves to a 15-point lead over the Mavs. And then this happened:

Directly leading today’s deification of Nowitzki. As great as Dirk and the Mavs were closing out Game Four, the Thunder were the exact polar opposite in terms of poise and playing winning basketball. Blame youth, blame the fact they thought the game was over, or blame James Harden’s disqualification due to fouling out. Blame whatever you want, but make sure somewhere in that list Dirk Nowitzki gets his propers, because if not, you’re lying to yourself and others. Where the Thunder failed, Nowitzki stepped up and carried his team to overtime, where the suddenly-toothless Thunder were unable to refocus.

And then, Jason Kidd happened:


/Mike Breen

While a comeback is definitely still on the table, the consensus is the Western Conference Finals are over; however, considering OKC has already won in Dallas — Game Two — surely Rick Carlisle doesn’t feel the same way. Game Five is tomorrow night, thank goodness. No more weird, travel day layoffs.