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Yao's Reebok

Apparently, these things have been known about since January, but obviously, I missed the memo. Nevertheless, these are the Reeboks Yao will be wearing when Chinese Olympic basketball team begins playing (their first game is against Team USA on August 10).

According to beRecruited, the shoes will sell for $150; however, the distribution of the shoe will vary. In China, Reebok plans on releasing 2008 numbered pairs of Yao’s shoe while the United States and Europe will be receiving non-numbered versions.

Yao’s Reeboks are expected to be available on August 8; two days before they face Kobe, LeBron and company. Speaking of LeBron and Kobe, I’m wondering when/if Nike will reveal their Olympic shoes?

They did do an Olympic shoe for Jordan so it would stand to reason they won’t take the Yao/Reebok release without offering something of their own.