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There’s a troubling report over at Yahoo Sports discussing Yao Ming’s apparently-made-from-glass feet and there’s a worry his playoff re-injury could keep the Houston Rockets center out of commission next season, if not permanently. While there’s been no direct confirmation from the Rockets about Yao’s upcoming availability, the whispers about his fragile feet are growing louder and louder:

“It sounds like he’s missing most of next season, if not the entire 82 games,” one league executive who has had recent discussions with the Houston front office told Yahoo! Sports. “That’s all that [the Rockets] will concede quietly, but they know it’s probably much worse.”

The worry is Yao’s lower extremities can’t support his frame, or the weight he’s carrying, and because of that, he will either always be at risk of additional injuries, or won’t heal enough to allow him to continue with basketball.

Yao’s medical history supports these worries.

After reading about Yao’s unfortunate outlook, I can’t help but be reminded of Bill Walton’s career, another great center (NBA’s top 50 players) whose career was cut short by ankle and feet injuries. Yao fans would do well to hope his career finishes with the same high notes Walton’s did.