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Kobe Or Lebron?

With a hat-tip to le basketball blog for the image, the discussion goes like this: on Sunday, Kobe Bryant mashed the Dallas Mavericks to the tune of 52 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists.

However, last night, King James posted this audacious stat-line against the New York Isiahs: 50 points, 8 rebounds and 10 assists. The question is, which stat line was better? Both players shot the ball really well (Kobe: 15-27, Lebron: 16-30) and where Kobe was strong at the free throw line (17-17 in the second half), Lebron was strong from beyond the 3-point arc (7-13). So who had the better game?

Well, lets look beyond the points:

Looking at his stat-line, Kobe accounted for 60 points (52 points + the 8 from his assists) while Lebron contributed a whopping 70 to his team (50 points + 20 points from assists). Both rebounded brilliantly, however, Kobe had the tougher match-up. The Mavericks are certainly a playoff team and maybe even a threat to go to the Conference Finals.

The Knicks are not. Not even close.

With that in mind, I’d have to say the “greater than” sign in the above picture needs to be flipped… at least when it comes to comparing these dominate outings. While Lebron contributed more overall points than Kobe, Kobe’s explosion came against a much better team. If anything, that makes it a push, but since we don’t deal in pushes, I’ll give the nod, at least in this instance, to Kobe Bean.

I mean, he does know Karate and all