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LeBron James Banner

There’s a basketball game of some note tonight, in case you didn’t know, and it features a player you may or may not have heard about making his to the city he loves so much. That’s right, LeBron’s appearing in Akron tonight. Bad jokes aside, it’s pretty safe to say there hasn’t been a regular season NBA game to get this much hype since, well, maybe ever. While it’s true other franchises have played meaningful regular season games before — like the Celtics versus Lakers in the days of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird — I don’t remember they hype level being quite this high.

Of course, there wasn’t any nifty Internet technologies like Twitter, YouTube or Facebook around back then, and these entities directly fuel immediate reaction fire, making the hype meter rise to “off the charts” like levels.

With that in mind, I’ve spent a little bit of time checking out YouTube, looking for videos that help propel the first Miami Heat/Cleveland Cavaliers game since “The Decision” into something much bigger than it probably should be; and buddy, I was not disappointed:

Starting us off is this gem from YouTube user blndsundoll4mj a Cavaliers fan who like to express herself using the color pink, along with the gift of song:

Did I see Duckie and Andie running around in the background?

Next up is this gem featured at Dime Magazine fittingly titled “Return of the King,” and it offers a nice synopsis of what’s happened thus far:

Are you looking for something to sing to LeBron when the game tips off? Try this little ditty, done the tune of The Grinch Song:

Sample lyric: “You’re a monster, Mr James. Your heart’s an empty slot. Your brain is full of Nikes, you’ve got garlic up your snot…” Yeah, Season’s Greetings, indeed.

Next is a WWE/rasslin’ mash-up and the results are phenomenal:

H/t to Barstool Sports for the find.

And then there’re highlights from a LeBron roast:

Let’s just say I wouldn’t walk around Cleveland tonight after the game’s over if my name was LeBron James. There’s a chance he wouldn’t make it back to Miami in one piece. And with that, I hope your ready for the Miami/Cleveland throwdown.

I, for one, sincerely hope LeBron doesn’t do the talcum powder toss to the Cavaliers crowd tonight. Things could get ugly really, really quickly.