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Jason Maxiell Block KG

While we were away, the Boston/Detroit Eastern Conference Championship series became pretty damn competitive with both teams getting valuable road wins while showing an uncanny ability to follow-up a great performance with ones that are, well, not so great. Game 1, the Celtics looked like they were ready for the winner of the Lakers/Spurs series, an idea that quickly went away after Game 2; a game Detroit won in Boston.

However, much to Boston’s credit, they bounced back with a convincing Game 3 win over the Pistons in Detroit — but they followed that up with a underwhelming performance against Detroit last night in Game 4. Although, with their Game 3 win, the Celtics did recapture home court advantage — but is that enough to win this series? Both teams have shown an ability to win on the road — well, the Pistons anyway. It took Boston until the their seventh Playoff road game to realize they were capable winning one away from the confines of the new Gahden.

As indicated, the Celtics followed up their Game 3 win with a half-hearted performance last night; one that saw Jason Maxiell absolutely own Kevin Garnett on a breakaway dunk. As you can see in the video below — provided by Odenized, of course — Maxiell caught Garnett from behind and decided to volleyball spike KG’s two-handed flush attempt. The results were favorable if you are Detroit fan:

Adding insult to a bad-ass blocked shot, Maxiell follows his volleyball spike up with a nifty two-handed finish, resulting from a nicely-done fast break. Detroit finished the game as strongly as they started; rolling to a 94-75 victory which was punctuated by not only Jason Maxiell’s shot-blocking heroics but also by a 21 point, 16 rebound performance from Antonio McDyess.

The series is tied two games a piece with the pivotal Game 5 being played in Boston on Wednesday night.