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Kobe Bryant

In Los Angeles, home of the beautiful people, the Lakers fanbase includes a great deal of eye candy that’s readily on display at Staples Arena. What we have here is someone who paid a great deal of attention to Kobe when he was being subbed out last night, but the during the Kobe-watching session, the viewer found something behind the Lakers bench that probably makes coming to work even easier for the Kobe Bryants of the world.

In case you aren’t sure what you are looking at, the YouTube is title, “Voluptuous Cleavage behind Kobe Bryant,” and while their definition of voluptuous is a little different from mine, it’s still a good find.

I wonder if that’s what Lamar Odom was looking at when he threw that pass to Vujacic.

Games tonight:
Atlanta at Orlando — D-Howitzer versus Al Horford. Good times

Toronto at Philly — Too bad baseball will take away from Brand’s Sixers debut.

New Jersey at Washington — Lopez twin one’s debut.

Miami at New York — Welcome to D’Antoni Ball!

Indiana at Detroit — New coach, new starting line-up, same old Pistons?

Sacramento at Minnesota — Get on the Love Train!

Milwaukee at Oklahoma City — You’ve been … THUNDERSTRUCK!

Memphis at Houston — Time to see if Kenny Smith and I were right about the Rockets.

Denver at Utah — This could be a 150-145 game. Too bad Deron Williams is hurt.

New Orleans at Golden State — What would CP3 and D-Will take on a camping trip?

Nationally televised games:

Phoenix at San Antonio — ESPN, 8pm Eastern

L.A. Lakers at L.A. Clippers — ESPN, 10:30pm Eastern