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After the “failure” of the LeBron/Kobe Vitamin Water ad, the folks at Coca Cola decided they’d hitch their ride to a real winner. OK, I suppose that shot at LeBron wasn’t necessary, but the point remains — James got beat by Dwight Howard’s team and now the Superman center is reaping the rewards. To Vitamin Water’s credit, the commercial is done in the style of LeBron/Kobe, that is, pick a side, but in this commercial’s case, your choices are Dwight and, well, Dwight. Keeping with Dwight’s childlike enthusiasm, the one who’s picking sides here is, well, Dwight. Equipped with his sticker-worthy smile and in some cases, a muscle suit, Orlando’s man-child is obviously loving the position his team is in.

It’s also apparent Howard is also loving Vitamin Water’s capitulation, not that they had much of a choice considering the position Cleveland’s loss put them in. In light of this, can we expect an adidas ad featuring Dwight destroying some basketball-playing puppets?