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After watching this little highlight video of Wade’s dunk over the Memphis Grizzlies last night and reading Henry Abbot’s early take on the NBA’s MVP, it’s fairly obvious, at least to me, the vote is going to come down to Wade and LeBron James. Kobe and Dwight Howard will, in all likelihood, finish in third and fourth place. So how do you decide against Wade and James? Statistically, it’s a push, and if you use the old, “how good would the team be if you took Player X off of it” argument, you’ll find both Cleveland and Miami fighting for a lot of lottery balls, so that’s out as well.

So what will be the decider? Is it James’ otherworldliness or Wade’s relentless driving of a largely young and unknown team? Both players are putting up absolutely gaudy statistics and their teams are playoff-bound. However, James pilots the best team in the league at this point, meaning while Wade’s contributions are impossible to ignore, the best player on the best team is going to win the hardware, much like Steve Nash’s double-MVP-dip.

With that in mind, the NBA should resuscitate the Comeback Player of the Year Award and hand it to Wade. “Most Improved” doesn’t quite describe Wade’s return because it was injuries, not lack of ability or needed improvement, that cut his previous two seasons short.