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Tyson Chandler

That image, my friends, is the background image Tyson Chandler uses for his Twitter account, and let me tell you, that thing might just be too hot for Twitter. Are the tweeters of the world ready for that much debonair masculinity? I’m not and I just made an Anna Kournikova post. Looking at all that style and sophistication makes me feel like less of a man, somehow; as I sit here in cargo shorts and a hoodie. Anyway, thanks to the Twitter stalking habits of Deadspin (don’t worry, we all do it), we now know what Chandler’s goal is: To have more followers than Shaquille O’Neal’s Twitter account. As it stands, Chandler has his work cut out for him, even with that “I’m so damn hot” background picture.

Shaq’s current count of Twitter followers — 242,962
Tyson Chandler’s — 771

Looks like you light about 242,000 and change, Tyson. Although, once word spreads about Chandler’s Twitter account, expect his follower numbers to increase exponentially. A quarter of a million more, however, might be a little too much to ask. We’ll soon see.

In other Twitter/sports blog news, the IF Twitter account picked up Charlie Murphy as a follower yesterday. My initial response was along the lines of “OMG” and “F**K YEAH!” Hey man, you take your victories where you can get them.