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The Chicago Bulls did a couple of good things last night. First, they routed the 76ers and second, they further secured a playoff spot — the seventh seed — as their record moved to 39-40. Leading the way for the “Baby Bulls” (something they’ve been called since they swept Miami two seasons ago) were Ben Gordon, Derrick Rose, and Tyrus Thomas. Both Thomas and Gordon scored 24 points (Thomas was 14-14 from the charity stripe), while Rose captained a steadily improving ship that’s seen the Bulls win seven out of ten.

The highlight of the game, for me, anyway, was the Rose/Thomas alley-oop in the third quarter. While it was a little early in the game to punctuate a victory, Thomas’ filthy finish helped do just that. As of today, the Bulls have a half-game hold (39-40) on the seventh playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with only three games left to play. Behind them sit the Detroit Pistons at 38-40. Provided these trends continue, the Bulls would play either the Celtics or Magic in the first round, while the Pistons would play LeBron and Cavaliers.

Could the Pistons and all their playoff experience derail the James Express? How about the Baby Bulls? Could they dispatch the defending champions (or Dwight Howard) in the first round?