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Mark Cuban Tweet

Mark Cuban is right. Someone has finally found a way to make money off of Twitter: David Stern, the NBA’s commissioner. Proving once again he has zero toleration for Mark Cuban when the Dallas Mavericks owner criticizes officials, Stern fined Cuban $25K for a tweet that questioned a call during a recent Dallas/Denver game. Cuban voiced his frustration on everybody’s favorite new social media tool, which, thanks to Shaq’s help with bringing Twitter to light for the NBA, is obviously monitored by the NBA’s web marketing department, if not Stern himself.

Who knew microblogging could be so expensive?

As for Twitter, perhaps they should follow Stern’s lead and fine users who get out of line. Instead of looking for a new way to invent the Google text ad, Twitter’s leaders need to be forward-thinking here. If David Stern can make money from Twitter, the guys who made it should be able to as well. Perhaps they should contact the NBA’s offices to see about a commission.